10 health benefits of black pepper

Black pepper is one of the most popular spices in the world, and for good reason. Not only does it add a tasty kick to your food, but it also has many health benefits! In this blog post we will be discussing 10 different health benefits of black pepper that are worth knowing about.

  1. Weight loss

Polyphenols that are present in black pepper activate the fat burning process of the body and help burn excess fats in your body. In other words, it acts as a natural thermogenic weight loss supplement by burning away more than 100% extra calories from your regular diet without you really feeling the pain.



  1. Prevents cancer

A compound called piperine (which is extracted from black pepper) has been found to be very effective against many carcinogenic substances and hence can prevent various kinds of tumors including lung cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer and colon cancer among others.



  1. Reduces risk of heart attack

The antioxidant properties present in black pepper prevents fat depositing along arteries which restricts the blood flow and leads to a heart attack. This makes it one of the best natural remedies for preventing heart attacks as well.



  1. Relieves pain

The presence of anti-inflammatory properties in black pepper increases endorphin production and blocks the nerve endings from transmitting wavelengths to the brain that induces pain, thereby relieving you from pains caused by injury or any other physical cause.



  1. Improves digestion system

Black pepper contains important digestive enzymes like pepsin which enhance the protein digesting process while removing unwanted bacteria along with undigested food particles from your intestines. In this way it maintains overall good health of our digestive system by improving our metabolism rate and reducing bloating feeling as well as constipation problems within a few days of use.



  1. Prevents allergies and asthma:

The anti-inflammatory properties present in black pepper are capable of relaxing the tightened muscles around the lungs, thereby preventing asthma attacks and other allergy symptoms like sneezing. It can be used as a home remedy for treating colds and fever which involves inhaling steam that is generated by boiling this spice with water or consuming it with honey in order to provide soothing relief from nasal congestion and blocked eyes caused by colds.



  1. Reduces stress

As per studies, black pepper contains certain compounds that are capable of dilating blood vessels to prevent high blood pressure problem that leads to heart related diseases, strokes and even cardiac arrest, all caused due to excessive stress. This in turn prevents us from high levels of anxiety caused by depression, tension and other unhappy situations.



  1. Helps against motion sickness:

As per research, black pepper can be used as a home remedy for curing motion sickness which is believed to be the result of confusion between our sense of eyesight and hearing while traveling on a bus or train.



  1. Prevents toothache:

Black pepper has analgesic properties that help you relieve pain naturally without consuming any harmful drug or any kind of antibiotic, thereby helping you prevent painful bacterial infections from affecting your teeth and gums along with providing instant relief from toothaches. It also helps cure bleeding gums which are mostly found if we consume too much processed food and refined sugar.



  1. Prevents headaches:

The anti-inflammatory properties present in this pepper can help alleviate and prevent frequent headaches, which are known to be one of the most common cause of anxiety among many people worldwide. Moreover, it also acts as a good cure for a migraine headache that involves intense pain around an individual's head region caused due to tension, stress, or from certain medical problems like stroke or heart attack.

Conclusion paragraph: Black pepper has been around for a long time and there are many reasons why it is used. While we’ve covered 10 of the health benefits, you may find some more as well. Whether you buy organic or not, black pepper is still beneficial to your health! 


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