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Spices | Herbs | Healthy Food | Premium Spices | Organic Products | Nuts | Dried Fruits

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We welcome you to the Premium Spice Store. Here, we offer a wide selection of non-organic and organic products in bulk and smaller for all your preparation and cooking needs. 

Premium Spices specialises in the import and distribution of high-quality spices from India, Indonesia, Europe, and spices from New Zealand.

All our spices and herbs are not irradiated, and certain spices and foods are certified organic.

You can choose from small sachets to large bulk quantities.

We sell retail to the public and wholesale for resellers and manufacturers. Apply for a wholesale account if you fall into the later category and take advantage of even better pricing for bulk foods and spices.

Premium Spice Store has a selection of native and exotic, organic foods for every taste. With over 10 years in the nz spice business, we have the experience to supply the best spices in nz, you'll be sure to find something for you or your family.

Our store offers premium products at an incredible price point due to very low margins, check it out, and please compare, you will not find the same quality anywhere at similar prices. Spices such as cumin or chili powder to season meals will keep you satisfied all year long, while smaller spices like garlic cloves and ginger root produce dishes that are tastier without being too overpowering.

Find an array of other options with our quality selection of nuts and seeds; if what you need isn’t on our shelves, let us know!

"We're your one-stop shop for all non-organic and organic, natural spices. Whether you need salt or cinnamon or any other spices, this is the place for you!"

10 Top reasons to buy from Premium Spices online store:

- 10 years experience supplying the highest quality spices, nuts, dried fruits, and seeds
- Over 10,000 happy customers
- Great selection
- Best quality
- Always fresh
- Excellent service
- Fast delivery
- Best prices in the country
- Great referral program, recommend and earn $
- Regular specials in our Newsletter

If you're looking for exotic, organic, and healthy spices in nz then this is the place to be! With a great range of spices, herbs, seeds, dried fruits, and nuts to choose from at an affordable price, we offer a selection that's second to none. Why not come in and browse our product range today?
It's always important to know what you're putting in your body. We only stock the highest quality, organic, and local products, so you can be sure that every product we sell is good for you!

Life is all about finding the right balance. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what mix of flavours, spices, and heat will satisfy your most pressing cravings for something fresh and exciting. We have all been there before: battling indecision at a store shelf or scrolling through infinite blog posts looking for just one recipe that you'll never see again because you need to make dinner in five minutes. We at the Premium Spice Store, know when life throws these curveballs, having the perfect spices on hand will save you the day - hassle-free! You can stop guessing and start cooking; customising any dish with our expertly blended spices made from high quality (organic) ingredients sourced from around the world (including some locally grown), that really pack a punch without breaking the bank.

With our competitive prices, great service, and top-quality products, we entice you to spice up your kitchen. Buy high quality nz spices online from us today.

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