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Premium Black Pepper Whole

Premium Black Pepper Whole

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When it comes to cooking, there is nothing quite like freshly ground black peppercorns to finish a well-crafted dish.

Award winning chefs the world over herald this particular spice for its spicy and heady aroma. Now you can enjoy these earthy flavors in your own kitchen! Kiln dried just the way chefs prefer, our black pepper adds heat and natural flavor without overpowering other more delicate ingredients. You'll never go back to bland store-bought spices again once you experience the full spectrum of taste that only fresh ground black pepper provides.

Premium Spices Black Pepper is the freshest available in NZ.

It is obvious that this spice can be crucial to create delicious recipes, but did you know it boosts the metabolism and helps your body digest food in a healthy way? Cook up a storm with this essential spice for an awesome meal.

Black Pepper is a spice with a peppery-pepper taste and smoky undertones. Ground from the ripe dried berries of Piper nigrum fruit, this safe kitchen essential and much-needed flavor maker can be used as an ingredient to roast meats or vegetables, jazz up rice dishes, dress up salads for extra oomph, season soup stocks for savoury depth, add some heat to a pot of pinto beans.

A necessary kitchen ingredient and a great way to add flavour to any dish, our black pepper is salt-free and provides year-around use.

Bold and spicy, Black Pepper is an essential kitchen spice that adds heat to your dishes. Sprinkle it generously on your favourite meats or vegetables to add a fresh, warm kick!

Refreshing to the senses, crisp, it accents flavour across diverse cuisines and dishes. Uniquely spicy while retaining natural sweetness, it's certain to appeal to your taste-buds.

It is a delicious and valuable spice that can be added to almost any dish. Whether it's used in masalas, fish sauces, soups, or on salads; this spicy seasoning adds just the right flavour at an affordable price.

Black pepper has been used for thousands of years as a spice. In ancient times, traders would take it on long trade journeys and grind it while they walked to keep themselves awake. Recently, research in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reported that adding black pepper to food may help reduce obesity rates by more than half because it contains piperine which can change how people digest protein and increases thermogenesis - or heating up your body, so you burn calories faster!

A spice that's commonly used in cooking, but it can also be sprinkled on pizza or chips to give them an added flavour. The pepper is harvested and then ground into a powder, so you can buy it pre-ground, but it will not taste as fresh.

The illustrious taste of black pepper has livened up nearly every dish on the planet. From soup to steak, it's the spice that never quits! A little drop gives your food a tangy zip and makes your next culinary creation perfect for any recipe. Sprinkle on some today!

Buy our black pepper at the best price in NZ.

Country of Origin: Vietnam

It is available in 100g, 500g and 1kg

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