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Premium Cumin Seeds

Premium Cumin Seeds

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Cumin seeds have been a spice enjoyed since the Bronze Age, adding a smoky flavour to various cuisines. The aroma and flavour of cumin make it perfect for an appetizer or side dish that’s wholesome yet something new each time.

Cumin seeds are the brown, dried, ground, and oval-shaped seeds of the black cumin plant. The warm earthy fragrance and flavour make them a favourite both in savoury dishes as well as traditional Indian cuisines! These aromatic spices add depth to otherwise mundane recipes for your delight.

A must-have for any kitchen, these cumin seeds are great for adding depth of flavour to a dish.

Cumin seeds are the perfect addition to your cooking. Hot spices such as cumin can make an average dish extraordinary, or they can add a subtle flavour to a flavourful dish. Cumin’s pleasant, earthy aroma will loft easily through meats, vegetables, and even sauces that could use a dash of spice. Whether you like one cumin seed at the bottom of your chili or you want them all throughout every bite, these little guys take seasonings from great to wonderful. With a regular intake of this simple spice, you may have more energy and slim down without changing what’s cooking in your kitchen!

The aroma of your cooking is sure to increase in pleasantness once you start using cumin seeds. It's one of the main spices and necessities for chicken soup, chili con carne, tacos al pastor, curries or tzatziki sauce. Mix it with ground beef to add a delightful zingy contrast to Mexican dishes like burritos or tamales. You can also submerge shaking cucumbers into vinegar and gobble them up as refreshing salad accompaniment when summer feasts heat up both indoors and out!

On the other hand, cumin seeds can help people who are trying to manage their body weight. For women trying to overcome the challenges of obesity and overweight can consume three grams of cumin powder for three months in yogurt. Cumin seeds are highly effective in reducing body fat, waist size, and body weight. In addition, adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes claim that cumin seeds are essential in managing blood sugar levels. While reducing blood sugar levels, consumption of cumin seeds can be of great help in managing hemoglobin A1c and insulin levels.


Cumin Seeds is one ingredient in your culinary arsenal that can be hard to come by because it’s underused and not stocked by some major supermarkets. You'll love the punchy taste it gives everything from breads to rice.

Premium Spices is proud to offer the freshest Cumin Seeds in New Zealand at the best price available in the country.


They are available in 100g, 500g, and 1kg.

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