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One of the more popular herbs, garlic has quite a colourful history. It originated in Central Asia, and records exist which show that garlic was used in the treatment of leprosy, amongst other things. Garlic was also common in the diet of Egyptian labourers while they were building the pyramids. It is the bulb of the garlic plant that provides the magical flavour, as well as being the cure for various ailments. 


Garlic has a strong flavour, so how much you use is a matter of individual taste. For a subtle touch, rub a piece of cut clove around the inside of the bowl that will be used for cooking.

Garlic and steam is an exciting combination, but this plant can also add a zing to salads and salad dressing, tomatoes, courgettes and other vegetables.

French bread is most delicious when cut and spread with garlic butter before being placed in the oven.

Herbal Remedies 

Garlic features in medicine because its oil has natural antiseptic qualities, preventing the growth of bacteria. Crushed cloves of garlic in the diet will help to keep blood pressure down, and, if taken intensively for a couple of days, it will help to clear the complexion.

It is available by 100g,  500g and 1kg.

Country of Origin: India, Region: Gujarat

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